I am a post-doctoral Fellow at New York University School of Law.

I work in Law and Philosophy. My legal scholarship focuses on private law theory (especially torts, but also contracts and unjust enrichment) and evidence law. A major theme in my research is causation. 

I completed my PhD in Philosophy at CUNY Graduate Center. My dissertation, titled Production not Dependence: The Metaphysics of Causation and its Role in Explanation, Responsibility, and the Law, was supervised by David Papineau (with Graham Priest, Michael Strevens, and Michael S. Moore). My dissertation argues against counterfactual theories of causation and causal pluralism for a productive notion of causality, which precludes omissions. I show that such a conception makes better sense, not only of causal metaphysics, but of the role of causation in scientific explanation, moral responsibility, and the law.

Prior to Yuval Abrams headshot_CroppedCUNY I studied both Law and Philosophy at both the undergraduate and graduate level at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and New York University. I’ve practiced law both in Israel and in New York and clerked for Justice Ayala Procaccia at the Supreme Court of Israel. From 2019-2022, I was Visiting NEH Chair in Humanities and Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Albright College in Reading, PA.  I have also taught at CUNY Baruch College, Hebrew U, NYU, CUNY Brooklyn College, and CUNY Lehman College.

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