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Selected Talks

“Corrective Justice and Market Share Liability” (with Cosim J. Sayid), Colloquium on Market Institutions & Economic Processes, Department of Economics, New York University, October 2023 

“Value-Free Causation” (Abstract), Causality for Ethics and Society, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, July 2023  

“Positive Causes All the Way Down: The Role of Physical Causes and Mechanisms in Handling Schaffer Disconnection Cases” (Abstract), Ernst Mach Workshop XI: Causation – Structures, Models, Realism, Prague, May 2023 

“Only the Best Explanation Wins: Legal Proof, Explanation, and Probability”, Excited Utterance Evidence Summer Workshop, Vanderbilt Law School, May 2023 (with Cosim J. Sayid)

“Causation in the Law of Torts”, Illinois/Penn Seminar in Legal Theory (guest lecture), September 2022 

“Act/Omission Distinction in Causal Analysis”, Western Australia Causation Conference, Perth, September 2022 

“Productive Causation: Against Causal Pluralism”, Philosophy of Science Association, Baltimore, November 2021; PSA Virtual Poster Forum, February 2021, (Poster)

“Causal Responsibility without Causation: The Case of Omissions” (Abstract), Wittgenstein: Law and Action. 11th Annual Conference of the British Wittgenstein Society, Center for Law and Philosophy, University of Surrey, UK, July 2020 (Cancelled due to COVID 19) 

“The Limits of Probabilism: Belief in Non-Empirical Propositions” (Abstract), CUNY-Milan Workshop on Belief, CUNY Graduate Center, February 2018 

“Reconstructing Reasonable Doubt” (Abstract), From Reasonable Doubt to Undue Skepticism, Birkbeck College, University of London, May 2017 (with Cosim J. Sayid) (Handout)

“How to be Causally Liable without Causing: The Case of Omissions” (Abstract), Workshop on Freedom and Well-Being, Georgetown University, June 2016; XXVII World Congress of the International Association for the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR), Georgetown Law Center, July 2015 .

“Accounting for Social Preferences” (Abstract), First Annual Conference of the Society for the Metaphysics of Science, Rutgers University, Newark, Sept 2015


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